Finding The Right Storage Unit Considering Size, Climate Control, And Accessibility


When you start searching for a storage unit, you might be surprised at the factors you should consider before renting a unit. If your belongings can be destroyed by temperature extremes, humidity, or moisture, you may need to invest in a climate control unit. You'll also have a variety of sizes to choose from, and renting a unit that is too small won't be worth the savings if you need to find something in your unit before completely emptying it. In addition, you may be concerned about where your unit is compared to the other units, preferring one that is close to the office or surrounded by other units to feel more secure.

Consider a Climate Controlled Unit

If you are thinking about choosing a climate controlled unit, you'll want to think of what you are trying to protect. If you have expensive electronics that you are worried about, if you have art or delicate, expensive clothing, you may want to spend the extra money for a climate controlled unit. If you are only storing your belongings for a month, you may not need to bother with climate control if your belongings will withstand a few changes in temperature for a month. In the reverse, if you are storing your belongings for a year and they are fragile, a climate controlled unit will be necessary.

Find the Right Size of Unit

You don't want to pack up an entire storage unit, only to discover that it's too small for your needs. Take a look at the items that you have to store, and make sure that you rent a unit that is large enough. The difference in price from one unit size to another is not that much, so it's worth getting a unit that is larger than you need so you don't have to pack your belongings in tightly. Consider that if you'll need to get into your unit to find something months before you are going to move your stuff, you'll want to be able to move around in the unit.

It may also matter to you if the unit is close to the office or protected by other units within the storage facility. While you can expect that the entire facility will be secure, some people prefer internal units as an added layer of protection for their belongings. Finding the right storage unit isn't hard once you know what you want and need. For more information, check out a site like


2 March 2017

Stop the Insanity! Moving Doesn't Have to Be Crazy/Hectic

Finding out you have to move again can bring on feelings of anxiety, panic and frustration. You may be tempted to put it off, packing and scrambling at the last minute, or waiting for your "help" to take a day off so they can help you pack. Then there's the friend or family member that always wants to help you by purging all of your stuff and dropping it curbside. Stop the insanity before it starts. Moving and storage companies understand the stress of moving and can help you get started before the move. Then they move all of your stuff without question and will not "purge" anything you do not want them to. It makes for a smoother, easier, less frustrating transition all around.