Tips for Moving a Doll Collection Across the Country


You may have a million things on your mind when you are planning a big, cross-country move. The last thing that may have crossed your preoccupied mind was what you should do with a prized doll collection. However, it is imperative that you put careful consideration into moving anything that's as important to you as a collection that may have taken years to build. Consider these tips when moving your doll collection across the country.

Tip #1: Pack as Though Each Doll Is Precious and Fragile

Packing can be a difficult endeavor, and it gets more complicated when you are packing some dolls that are fragile and others that aren't. Long distance moving companies can help you with packing services if you struggle with packing or simply don't have time for it. Whether you or professional movers pack away your doll collection, it is important to see to it that each doll is packed with care and as though it is fragile, even if it may be a sturdy one.

Tip #2: Communicate With Household Movers About the Collection

Whatever you do, it's important to let your household movers know which boxes contain potentially fragile items. In addition to verbally explaining where the boxes with fragile contents are, you should also show them where the boxes are. Additionally, you may want to provide them with written information on which boxes should be treated with exceptional care.

Tip #3: Take a Photo of Each Doll and Take Notes on Their Condition

When you are packing your dolls for the move, you may also choose to take a photograph of each one to verify its condition at the time you were packing it. That can prove to be useful in the rare event that the doll is damaged in your move. In addition to taking a photo, you should also mark notes about any flaws in a journal. For example, if one of your dolls has a scrape, make a note of that and detail how big of a scrape it is and where it is located.

Finally, keep in mind that it is possible to move your entire doll collection across the country without much fuss. As long as you follow these tips, pack carefully, and communicate clearly with those who help you along the way, your dolls should be successfully moved. Unpack them shortly after a move to ensure your doll collection is exactly as you left it, then enjoy your dolls in your new home. 

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10 March 2017

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