Be a Winner With These Trophy-Packing Tips


Whether you won first prize at a hot dog eating contest, state champion for an athletic league or bowling league champion for the fifth year in a row, you want your accomplishments to stand proudly on display. So chances are you're bringing all of your trophies with you as you make the move from one house or apartment to another. However, you don't want any of your prized possessions to get banged up during the move. The following offers a few helpful tips you can use to keep your trophies in winning shape.

Wrap It Up

Having your trophies scuffed up during your move can be a bit disheartening, which is why you should have each and every trophy carefully wrapped prior to packing. Use plenty of soft packing paper and bubble wrap to surround each trophy in a protective layer of material. Don't forget to use clear tape to secure each wrapped trophy or plaque.

Custom-cut foam inserts offer the best protection available for trophies, however, since they're form-fitting to the exact dimensions of the trophy itself. You may want to use these instead of the above wrap whenever possible.

Lend Some Support

Your trophy may be perfectly balanced when sitting on its pedestal, but that balance is quickly lost when it's placed sideways inside of a box. This can make handling a boxed-up trophy a bit awkward, especially since the majority of the trophy's weight usually resides within the heavy base. Keep this in mind whenever you're carrying around those boxes.

In addition, most trophies feature sections that are much narrower than their base, resulting in highly delicate areas where the trophy can break without much pressure. These areas should be filled in and shored up with plenty of soft packing paper and bubble wrap.

Take Care When Packing Multiple Trophies

Not every trophy needs its own box, especially smaller trophies and plaques. If you have multiple small trophies or several flat plaques, you can pack several of those in a single box. Here are a few ground rules to consider when packing multiple trophies in a single box:

  • Make sure each trophy or plaque is separated by a layer of bubble wrap. This will help prevent your trophies from coming into contact with one another due to jostling motions.
  • Always place your heavier and larger trophies at the bottom of the box and place the lighter trophies on top.
  • Don't stuff too many trophies in one box, as you don't want to overload the box beyond its carrying weight. Make sure you can properly close the box before sealing it up with tape.

Don't Forget About the Labels

The lasting you need when packing up your belongings is to guess which box contains what item, especially when it comes to your trophies. To keep your prized mementos from being accidentally damaged during the move, you should have all of your boxes containing your trophies marked appropriately. Not only should those boxes be labeled with a brief description of their contents, but they should also be marked as "fragile" as a reminder to your movers and yourself about their fragility.

Stack With Care

Once you have all your boxes packed up and ready to move, you and your movers should take great pains to stack those boxes properly, if they're to be stacked at all. Heavier boxes should always remain at the bottom, while progressively lighter boxes can be stacked on top, with the lightest box at the very top of the stack. It's a good idea to keep your stack limited to two or three boxes per stack, depending on the weight of each box and the amount of room that's available inside the moving truck or van.

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5 September 2017

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