Going On Vacation This Summer? Store Your Practice Piano To Avoid Tuning Problems


A practice piano is a great way for professional musicians to practice their skills. But if you are going on vacation and plan on leaving your home without heat protection, it is critical to find a piano storage center that can help you.

Heat Heavily Affects A Piano

Leaving your piano in a hot home during the summer exposes it to a variety of potential problems. That's because heat can cause the strings to expand and even loosen them in the piano. As a result, your piano may fall out of tune, or your strings snap unexpectedly when you come home.

This problem typically occurs when the heat of the room expands past 80 degrees Fahrenheit. In most climates, this kind of heat is likely to occur in a home if you don't use air conditioning. However, excessive air conditioning can also cause damage to the wooden areas of a piano, further worsening its sound.

Why Piano Storage Can Be Beneficial

That's why it isn't a bad idea to consider storing your piano during your summer vacation. These facilities often contain air conditioning and climate-controlled environments that keep your piano at a safe and stable temperature. They also have units with padded storage areas that protect your piano from damage that can occur during the moving process. Even better, you can check your piano in and out at various times of the year. 

Improving The Process

If you are interested in storing your piano this summer while you go on vacation, there are a few storage tips to keep in mind. For example, it is important to place plastic around the piano to protect it from impact damage, such as scuffs, scrapes, and other types of minor problems. It is also wise to tune it before you store it and get it tuned again after.

That's because, while the interior of the storage center will have a climate control, the temperature may still change slightly. That may result in the tuning going out just a little. However, moving the piano from your home and into storage can also slightly change the tuning.

Thankfully, these problems should be too severe. In fact, many piano owners may be able to correct the minor tuning issues with slight adjustments. As a result, it is wise to consider the many benefits of piano storage and the ways it can benefit you and the health of your piano. For more information, contact a company like Affordable Piano Movers & Storage.


13 May 2018

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