Precautions To Take When Moving House Plants


Moving houseplants is difficult because of their fragility, plus the rules and regulations that govern relocation of plants. Below are some of the precautions you should take to help you relocate your houseplants effectively and safely.

Prepare the Plants for the Move

The house plants should be as healthy and as strong as possible for the move. To ensure that this is the case, prune the plants, weed them, and remove any pests that might affect their health weeks before the move. You don't need to over-water the plants, but you must ensure you don't miss any watering sessions. The stronger the plants are, the more they will be able to survive the harsh conditions of the move.

Declare Your Houseplants

Not all moving companies handle plants. Plants are sensitive and subject to numerous laws that make them difficult to deal with. Therefore, before you choose a moving company, inform them about the plants to confirm that the company can handle the plants.

Research Relevant Laws

As mentioned above, plants are subject to numerous laws that might affect their relocation. This is particularly true for long-distance relocation or relocation across state lines. For example, some states don't allow some invasive plants or plants that might have pests to cross their boundaries. In many cases, you will also need an inspection and certification of the plants to confirm that they are pest-free. Research all these laws so that you don't get into problems with the authorities during the relocation.

Use Suitable Moving Boxes

Once you have confirmed that you can transport your plants, get breathable moving boxes for them. The plants need good air circulation to maintain their health during the relocation. You can even use custom-made boxes, with cutouts, especially if you are on a long-distance move.

Pack the Plants Last Minute

Despite your best packing strategies, the plants won't be as comfortable during the move as they are usually comfortable in your home. Therefore, even though it is usually advisable to pack in advance, the plants should be an exception to this advice. Pack the plants at the last possible moment so that they spend the least possible time in the truck.

Consider Taking Only the Cuttings

Depending on your circumstances and the type of plants you have, it might be more practical take cuttings instead of whole plants. Maybe the plants are too big, you are moving too far, or you don't have the space to carry all the plants.

For more information, get in touch with residential moving companies in your area.


11 July 2019

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