Don't Relocate Your Fine Art Without Professional Help


Moving from one house or apartment to another can cause a lot of stress for you and your family. Things might be even more stressful if you have a lot of expensive or fine art in your house that you need to get to your new location without hurting its value. To that end, you stand to benefit by hiring a professional moving company with experience in art delivery. Here's how a professional mover or fine art delivery service can help make your life easier.

Fine Art Delivery Services Offer insurance

If you try to move your fine art on your own and you drop or otherwise damage it, the only person to blame will be you. The loss in value will be immediate and you might not have any other form of recourse. But when you hire a fine art delivery company or a professional mover that specializes in this area, you will likely be offered an insurance policy that will cover the art during the move. If the art is dropped by the delivery service, the insurance policy will activate and your lost value will be paid out. You still won't be happy about the damage of course, but you can at least have peace of mind during the move.

Expert Handling

Have you ever physically touched or handled your fine art? Chances are good it went up on the wall directly from the art dealer or auction house and you've never directly handled it in all of the time its been inside your house. Certain kinds of fine art materials can be quite delicate. You don't want to risk damaging a valuable piece simply because you don't know what you're doing. A mover experienced with handling fine art will know exactly what to do and what not to do to minimize the risk of damaging the art while it is in transit.

Get Storage You Can Trust If Needed

Maybe you need to move your art but your new house isn't ready yet. In that case, you'll need somewhere to safely store the art until it can be moved to the new location. Fine art movers also often offer storage that will be up to the standards you need. You can get a temperature controlled room that is dust free and safe for your art and other expensive valuables while you wait for your new home to open up.


30 November 2019

Stop the Insanity! Moving Doesn't Have to Be Crazy/Hectic

Finding out you have to move again can bring on feelings of anxiety, panic and frustration. You may be tempted to put it off, packing and scrambling at the last minute, or waiting for your "help" to take a day off so they can help you pack. Then there's the friend or family member that always wants to help you by purging all of your stuff and dropping it curbside. Stop the insanity before it starts. Moving and storage companies understand the stress of moving and can help you get started before the move. Then they move all of your stuff without question and will not "purge" anything you do not want them to. It makes for a smoother, easier, less frustrating transition all around.