Keeping Your Stored Items Protected From Moisture


If you intend on placing items in a storage facility, you likely want your belongings to remain in the best of condition. Since you will not be accessing your personal property on a daily basis, some steps need to be taken to ensure they remain moisture-free while in a storage unit.

Rent A Storage Unit With Climate-Control Capability

If you live in an area where humidity is abundant or if you want to keep the interior of your unit at a preferred temperature on an ongoing basis, a climate-controlled unit works well at each of these points. Cooler space is less likely to have moisture buildup occur. Before signing a rental agreement, inquire as to whether the temperature is individually set by the renter and if it can be altered via a timer.

Invest In Storage Tubs To Keep Moisture Away From Items

Plastic storage tubs are wonderful tools to aid in battling moisture troubles. After you place items inside of a tub, be sure that the lid is sealed tightly so that no moisture is able to get inside of the container. Secure each lid even further by adding a piece of packing tape to each side, keeping the lid properly in place. Before you use a storage tub, wipe down each of your items to remove any potential water droplets from it, as mold and mildew could arise if this step is not performed.

Keep Items Prone To Damage Above Ground-Level

Many storage facilities have units that are constructed with cement slab flooring. This type of floor is known for moisture buildup if warmer air in the space comes into contact with it. To avoid having damaged items, it is wise to prop them up away from floor contact. Use pallets, cinder blocks, shelving units, or hooks to keep your belongings away from possible difficulties.

Avoid Storing Liquid Items And Use Dissidents If Needed

Any moisture you bring into your unit can increase if the conditions are favorable. Do not store liquid items, if possible. If you do need to place a liquid into your unit, make sure it has a tight lid in place and that the container is positioned in an area where it is not likely to tip over. To protect your belongings further, purchase a few dissidents from a hardware store. These trap moisture and can be replaced when you visit your storage unit.

For more information, contact a storage facility in your area, such as Coffee's Moving and Storage.


21 September 2021

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