2 Benefits Of Hiring Corporate Office Movers Instead Of DIY


Relocating to a new office is not an easy task. For one, you must get the new office set up as quickly as possible to avoid downtime. You also have to ensure that all your business equipment and furniture get packed and transported safely to avoid loss or damage. 

As a result, hiring a professional corporate mover company is advisable to assist you in office relocation. But some business owners prefer to enlist the help of their workers to conduct a DIY office relocation. 

Hiring a corporate office mover service can provide more benefits than conducting a DIY office relocation. Here are two reasons to hire corporate office movers instead of attempting a DIY office relocation. 

1. Secure Packing and Transportation 

Most office equipment such as computers, printers, and servers is fragile. Hence, such equipment requires special care and packing materials to ensure they don't incur damages during transit.

Thus, having your office workers and personnel handle the packaging, loading, and securing of your office equipment is risky. Most office workers don't know how to pack such delicate items for transit securely. As a result, your workers may perform a shoddy packing job, resulting in the equipment incurring damages during transit. 

Corporate office movers receive training to handle different types of office equipment. As a result, the corporate movers are in a position to securely pack your equipment and safely transport it to your new office location. 

Furthermore, corporate office movers have property damage liability insurance. Hence, if any of your equipment incurs damage in the movers' hands, their insurance cover will compensate you. But if you damage your items during a DIY office relocation, you will incur the total costs of the damages or loss. 

2, Avoid Liabilities 

Office relocation involves a fair amount of lifting heavy equipment and furniture. But most office workers are not used to such heavy lifting tasks. As a result, it is easy for some of your employees to get injuries while lifting heavy objects. 

If an employee gets injuries while working for their employer, the employer is liable to compensate them for their injuries. Hence, any injuries incurred by your workers during a DIY office relocation fall under work-related injuries. So, your workers can file a personal injury claim or sue you for workers' compensation. 

Hence, it is better to hire corporate office movers because they have workers' compensation insurance. So, if a mover incurs injuries while helping you move, you are not liable to compensate them. Instead, the corporate mover company's workers' compensation cover will compensate the injured mover(s).

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11 August 2022

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