Going On Vacation This Summer? Store Your Practice Piano To Avoid Tuning Problems


A practice piano is a great way for professional musicians to practice their skills. But if you are going on vacation and plan on leaving your home without heat protection, it is critical to find a piano storage center that can help you. Heat Heavily Affects A Piano Leaving your piano in a hot home during the summer exposes it to a variety of potential problems. That's because heat can cause the strings to expand and even loosen them in the piano.

13 May 2018

Enlisting For The Military? 3 Reasons Self-Storage Can Be An Ideal Option


Enlisting for the military can come with a lot of changes in your life since you likely will be living on base and may even be overseas for long stretches of time. With this in mind, you'll need to consider what you need to do with all of your belongings that you want to hold on to. One of these easiest ways to make sure that all of your belongings are kept in good shape when you're in the military is to rent a storage unit.

17 January 2018