Tips for Moving a Doll Collection Across the Country


You may have a million things on your mind when you are planning a big, cross-country move. The last thing that may have crossed your preoccupied mind was what you should do with a prized doll collection. However, it is imperative that you put careful consideration into moving anything that's as important to you as a collection that may have taken years to build. Consider these tips when moving your doll collection across the country.

10 March 2017

Finding The Right Storage Unit Considering Size, Climate Control, And Accessibility


When you start searching for a storage unit, you might be surprised at the factors you should consider before renting a unit. If your belongings can be destroyed by temperature extremes, humidity, or moisture, you may need to invest in a climate control unit. You'll also have a variety of sizes to choose from, and renting a unit that is too small won't be worth the savings if you need to find something in your unit before completely emptying it.

2 March 2017

Moving Out? Follow These Tips To Ensure You Get Your Security Deposit Back


Has the time finally come to leave your current apartment behind and move into a new home? The money you put down as a security deposit is soon to be yours again! That is -- if you follow these tips to make sure the apartment is left in great condition. Don't bump into the walls when moving furniture. When the time comes to pack up and move your furniture, be careful not to bump any of it into the wall.

18 January 2017

Moving Out At The Same Time As A Roommate: 3 Tips To Avoiding Confusing Your Packed Boxes With Theirs


More and more Americans are choosing to rent a place with a roommate, rather than having to tackle monthly rent payments alone. In fact, studies show that almost one-third of all households are adults that have decided to move in with at least one roommate. At the end of your lease, you and your roommates may decide to both take on new opportunities and move to someplace new. If you're all planning on moving out of the rental unit on the same day, keep these 3 tips in mind to avoid confusing or switching your packed boxes with your roommates' packed boxes.

2 December 2016

Tips For Planning A Move With A Child On The Autism Spectrum


Having a child on the autism spectrum means understanding how to maintain routines, familiarity, and safe spaces. Unfortunately, it's harder to maintain those things when you are facing an upcoming move. If this is the first time you've moved with a child on the spectrum, there are a few things that you should know. Here are some tips to help you make the transition easier for everyone. Answer All Of Their Questions

8 November 2016